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A graduate program in Offshore Engineering is offered at Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Istanbul Technical University. The web page of the program can be reached from here http://offshore.itu.edu.tr/. I act as the coordinator of the program and teach the following courses:

1. Offshore Engineering Mechanics: Hydrodynamics

Offshore engineering and offshore structures. Fundamental concepts and equations. Wave theories. Random sea waves. Statistical properties of random waves. Spectra of waves. Estimation of wave conditions at a location in sea. Statistical analysis of extreme waves. Wave forces on small bodies. Wave forces on large bodies. Random wave forces. Morison equation with a wave spectrum. Dynamic response of structures.

2. Offshore Wind Farm Design

Introduction to wind energy. Design considerations. Offshore wind climate. Waves, currents and combined statistics. Foundations. Loads, dynamics and structural design. Installation. Wind farm aspects. Operation and maintenance.